Z1 Analyzer

The Z1 Analyzer application is a program that is aimed at improving the most important part of the car - you the driver! There are many telemetry programs out there that simply show you lots of complicated looking graphs and numbers. They then leave it up to you to figure out what it all means. The Z1 Analyzer gives you easy to understand explanations on where you are losing and gaining time and advice on how you can improve your driving.

Included with the Z1 software, using the Z1 Analyzer to examine your laps is an essential tool to becoming a faster driver, and getting you into the winners circle more often!

Of course in addition to the various analysis screens, the Z1 Analyzer can show you multiple data traces as well.

Laps can be played back in real time, with your position displayed on the track map as you progress round the lap. Not only does the track map display your current position, it can also show the track in three dimensions, allowing you to see the elevation changes around the lap. This is important for determining how to approach the turns. If that wasn't cool enough, it can also display a throttle and brake overlay, so you can see your throttle and brake usage around the track.

You can zoom in on any section of the lap by double clicking on a trace, or single clicking and dragging the mouse to highlight a specific section of the trace you would like to view in more detail. You can zoom in as much as you would like on the lap. To restore the entire lap, just double click on a zoomed trace.

Sim laps can be recorded using the Z1 Dashboard's data logging feature for any of the supported sims. In addition the software can read iRacing's ibt file format.

With the track license you can import real world data from multiple sources. License comparison.

Compatible with:
Real world data:
Porsche PCM Sport Chrono
Race Chrono
Harry's Lap Timer
CSV and LOG file formats

ARCA Sim Racing
Assetto Corsa
Assetto Corsa Competizione
Automobilista 2
Codemasters F1 2015-2022
Dirt Rally 2
Game Stock Car
Kart Racing Pro
Project CARS
Project CARS 2
Project CARS 3
Race Room
rFactor 1
rFactor 2
**SimBin sims

* Requires the Track License.
** Not all sims by these companies are compatible

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