Z1 Software License Comparison

The Z1 software has four license options: the Standard license, the Track license, the Educational license and the Pro license. This page shows the features available in each license. The number of licenses you require depends on the number of sim PCs you are running. You will need a license for every sim PC you would like to use the software with.

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Z1 Analyzer General Features
Usage Private home use only Private home use only Education institutions only All scenarios
Number of laps open at once 10 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of data channels 90+ 90+ 90+ 90+
Custom channels N/A 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Custom traces 10 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Scatter Plots 10 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Histograms 10 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Histograms: Average All Laps
(With a Track license or higher you can choose to have the histogram average all open laps, or just display the data for a single lap. The Standard license only allows a single lap to be displayed in the histogam data.)
Math Channels 10 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Custom layouts 10 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Custom colors for traces
Include sector marks on traces and track maps
Create, delete and move sectors  
Show driver marks on traces
Graph traces by time, distance or percentage
Optional throttle/brake overlay on track maps
Optional 3D track maps
Video playback
(MP4 and AVI support. Open, play, rewind, fast-forward, step frame by frame; sync with the loaded lap so the video and telemetry play together and adjust their location together.)
View Live Telemetry
Record data from live telemetry  
Auto-create track maps from live telemetry
(Not available in iRacing due to API limitations from the sim.)
View pre-recorded laps
Compare two laps
Compare your lap to thousands of other laps on our servers
Maximum number of instances
(An instance is a single running version of the Analyzer software. With the Pro license you may run the Analyzer up to 6 times on a single machine. Note that if you want to connect to multiple Z1 Server instances on different sim PCs, then you would need a Pro license for each of those Z1 Server installations.)
1 1 1 6
Import external data.
Motec, Aim, Porsche PCM Sport Chrono, RaceChrono, Harry's Lap Timer, CSV files, LOG files
Adjust Base Lap beacon position.  
Compare external data (real world, etc) to sim data.  
Compare laps from tracks with different names.
(This is intended to make it easier to compare real world laps with laps done in the sim, or to compare laps doren in different sims.)
Use of our track edge database for laps created from External Data.
The system will scan our database to look for a match based on the name of the track being similar to what you entered as the name of the track. If a match is found then that set of track edges will be downloaded. If multiple matches are found then you will be given the option of which track edges you'd like to download. This is useful for tracks that have multiple configurations. Note for this to work you must have imported GPS data for your lap.
Ability to print currently displayed traces and track map, as well as user selected Analysis screens. The header image of each page is customizable to use your company's header graphic.
Compare live telemetry to a pre-recorded base lap.      
Use base lap's telemetry extents to speed up live telemetry rendering.      
Use a pre-recorded base lap's track map when running live telemetry. Using this option means you don't have to save the track map before using live telemetry.      
Maximum and minimum limits for each data channel value in live telemetry. If that value goes out of those bounds then the appropriate trace display will flash or display the border in red to show the value is out of the desired range.      
Password protect uploaded laps for secure sharing with targeted users.      
Ability to display only laps with specified password from the server.      
Z1 Analyzer Lap Analysis Standard Track Educational Pro
AI Driving Instructor - This displays the entire car, with wheels (with the front wheels steering angle displayed), throttle and brake displays, overlaid on aerial imagery of the track where possible. The Driving Instructor will choose several turns where you are losing the most time and highlight them. When you play back the lap, it will stop at each of these turns and provide you with advice on driving line, and pedal inputs at the corner entry, mid-point and exit. Each turn that will be discussed is marked with a yellow circle containing an exclamation point.  
Track Walk - Shows detailed information about each turn, including driving line, brake and throttle points, apexes, and elevation changes throughout the turn as well as a detailed explanation of the turn, all overlaid on aerial imagery of the track where possible. You can 'virtually' walk through each turn in order to the best approach for it.  
Lap Overview - provides an overview of the entire lap. Everything from sector times, to driving lines, to turn analysis is provided here. Advice is given, when possible, to help you improve your driving.
Consistency Ananlysis - analyzes all open laps and displays a consistency score for the throttle usage, brake usage and driving line around the track. Consistency is extremely important in always achieving your best possible lap time. This analysis show how close you are to that goal.
Driving Line - shows the driving line of your lap and a second lap around the track. Combined with track edges this shows you exactly where you are placing your car compared to the track.
Speed Comparison - shows the maximum and minimum speeds achieved at various points around the track; with comparison to a second lap if appropriate.
Brake Points - shows details of each braking point, with a comparison between two laps.
Turn Analysis - shows the time it took to drive through a turn, comparing you to a second lap. Advice on driving the turn better will be given when possible.
Brake Lockups - shows any locations where you locked your front wheels during the lap.
Ride Heights - shows any locations where the front splitter, left or right front, or left or right rear corners of the car hit the ground or bottomed out.
Understeer - shows any locations of the lap where you were understeering.
Track Edges - allows you to create track edges for a track if they don't already exist. Displays the left and right edges of the track. This lets you see the driving line within the bounds of the track instead of just as a line wandering alone in space.
Z1 Dashboard Features Standard Track Educational Pro
AI Driving Instructor - This is our in-car AI Driving Instructor. It will talk to you when you are driving laps, providing you with feedback from the correct line through a corner to how to brake and which gear to use. It will also look at how you are driving and provide specific feedback on how to improve your lap times based on what you are doing in the turns.  
Z1 Designer - Create your own dashboards with our GUI application.
OBD II Connectivity - allows you to connect the Z1 Dashboard to a bluetooth ODB II transmitter. You can then use your car to transmit data to the Z1 Dashboard.  
GPS Connectivity - allows you to connect the Z1 Dashboard to a bluetooth GPS device. This data can then be used to power and/or create track maps in the Z1 Dashboard. This lets you display your car's location on the Z1 Dashboard.  
Customizable Splash Screen      
Z1 Analyzer / Dashboard / Server Compatibility Standard Track Educational Pro
ARCA Sim Racing
Assetto Corsa
Assetto Corsa Competizione
Automobilista 1 & 2
Codemasters F1 2013 - 2022
Dirt Rally 2
Game Stock Car
Kart Racing Pro
Project Cars 1 - 3
rFactor 1 & 2
Z1 Server
External Data  

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