Z1 Software Payment Details For Setups

We want to pay you for your setups!

The Z1 Analyzer lets you share your setups with other users of the Z1 Software.

Of course we don't expect you to do this for free. You put a lot of work into your setups. If you choose to share them you should be rewarded for that work.

Uploading your setups allows other users to purchase and then download your setup.

We will pay you $2.00 for every download that occurs.

With tens of thousdands of users, there is a huge audience for your setups.

When you open a lap in the Z1 Analyzer you will be asked if you want to upload the setup you used to run that lap. This is completely optional. While we hope you choose to upload your setups we completely understand if you want to keep them private. That is why the process is optional.

How will I get paid?
We track the number of downloads for every setup you upload. You can see this information on the My Dashboard page of our website. We will dispurse payments at the beginning of each month. Payments are made using PayPal, by sending your payment to your current email address.

How much will I get paid?
The current payment amount is $2.00 for every download of your setup from our system.
(If the amount listed here is different from the amount listed in the Z1 Analyzer, then the amount listed here takes precendence.)

How do I upload my setups?
The Z1 Analyzer is where you can upload your setups. When you open a lap you will be asked if you would like to upload a setup.

Can I submit setups without using the Z1 Analyzer?
Yes, you can also email us your setups if you would prefer. Please email us at info@zbluesoftware.com, if you are interested in doing this.

Can I upload a setup I did not create?
No. You should have created the setup yourself. You need to have all rights associated with the setup before uploading it.
(If it is found that you do not have the rights to upload a setup, then you will forfeit all proceeds from any downloads that have occured.)

Can purchased setups be distributed to others?
No. Downloaded setup are for your use only. A lot of effort goes into making a setup, and those reponsible should be rewarded for their work.

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