What's New in Version 2022.4?

With each new version of the Analyzer software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 2022.4 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes click here.

Track Walk
The Track Walk is intended to provide you with information on how to drive the track in a specific car. You would use this before driving the track. Then after driving and recording some laps you would switch to the Driving Instructor.

The Track Walk analysis screen has been completely revamped. It now uses the aerial map imagery. The corners numbers are now clearly marked. Click on one of them to get general advice on each turn.

Track and Pro license holders do not need to have a lap loaded to use this feature. You can just open the Analyzer, and then open the Track Walk. If no laps are loaded then you will be presented with drop downs allowing you to choose the sim/track/car combination you want to explore. This lets you walk the track before running any laps.

When looking at a turn in detail the Analyzer will provide you with information on the type of turn (right, left, chicane, double apex, etc), where the apex(s) is/are located, where and how hard to brake, where to get back on the throttle, and elevation data. You can even 'drive' the corner showing the exact car position, speed, gear and throttle/brake inputs.

Driving Instructor
Throttle, brake and apex points are now displayed for the selected turn. The throttle point shows where you and the optimal lap get back to full throttle. The brake point shows where you and the optimal lap start braking, as well as the level of braking used. The apex point displays the location of the apex(es) for the turn.

There is now a 'Stop for advice' button at the top left of the Driving Instructor display. With this option selected, when you play the lap the car will stop at each corner where advice can be given. This is the default behavior. If you want to simply watch the entire lap get played back in the Driving Instructor without stopping at the various advice turns, uncheck this option. Note you can still select a specific turn by left clicking on the turn icon. (Or ctrl-left-clicking depending on your options.)

Improved how the map is zoomed when viewing a driving line. This makes sure that the entire line is visible, especially on longer turns that may go through 180 degrees or more.

Multi-Apex Turn Support
The Track Walk and Driving Instructor now support multi-apex turns. A multi-apex turn could be a chicane with two apexes, or a sweeping set of turns that all follow on from one another and would be looked at as a single group.

Aerial Imagery
Aerial imagery is no longer required for the Driving Instructor and Track Walk features to work. While the goal is to have this available for all tracks it may not be possible in all cases. For example in sims where we have not been able to map all their tracks, such as RaceRoom, Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2. Or the track may no longer exist, such as Oran Park.

Intro Dialog
The Introduction dialog has been updated to help with determining what you'd like to use the Analyzer for. This is intended to help new users get to what they need more easily.

Track Walk Circuit Overview:
Track Walk Circuit Overview

Track Walk Multi-Apex Corner:
Track Walk Multi-Apex Corner

Track Walk Elevation Detail:
Track Walk Elevation Detail

Selecting the Track Walk:
Selecting the Track Walk

Driving Instructor Details:
Driving Instructor Details

New Intro Dialog:
New Intro Dialog

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