What's New in Version 2023.1?

With each new version of the Analyzer software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 2023.1 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes click here.

Driving Instructor Car Models
The car model used in the Driving Instructor can now be edited. The car model is what is used to display the image of the car as it moves around the track. Note this is purely a visual image. It has no impact on the advice given by the Driving Instructor. There are several models that come with the Analyzer, and you can chose from them in the 'Car Model' drop down on the left side of the Driving Instructor under the 'Driving Advice' section.

Track Walk Updates
The Play/Stop button has been replaced by 5 buttons - play, pause, stop, step forward, step backward. This allows for greater control over the playback of a corner. When a corner is selected the information box now includes right and left arrow buttons in the header. These let you easily move to the next or previous turn.

The advice on how to enter and exit a turn has also been improved.

Driving Instructor Updates
The turn advice will now remain displayed until you either click the Play icon to continue round the lap, click the Stop icon to halt playback, or select another turn. This allows you to move the map around and still see the turn's advice.

Mouse Control
You can now assign right mouse button drag, control right mouse button drag, shift right mouse button drag, and control-shift right mouse button drag to perform the the following options: zoom a trace, scrub a trace, shift the main lap, and move sectors. By default the right button options are not assigned to these functions. Use the Control settings tab to make the desired assignments.

Custom Trace Legends
There is now an info icon that appears in the title bars of any custom traces. Clicking this icon toggles a legend for the custom trace. This legend will show what each line in the trace represents, along with the math formulas if appropriate.

Driving Instructor Car Models:
Driving Instructor Car Models

Improved Track Walk Navigation:
Improved Track Walk Navigation

Improved Track Walk Advice:
Improved Track Walk Advice

Driving Instructor Updates:
Driving Instructor Updates

Mouse Control Options:
Mouse Control Options

Custom Trace Legends:
Custom Trace Legends

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