Z1 Dashboard - Telemetry Analysis

The Z1 Dashboard software provides three live telemetry dashboards as well as telemetry analysis for iRacing's IBT telemetry files. The live telemetry dashboards include one for tire data, g-forces, and pedal inputs. A second telemetry dashboard displays a graphs of the speed, RPM, steering, shocks, throttle and brake position. The third displays graphs for speed, RPM, steering, throttle and brake position.

Note that not all sims supoprt all the data these dashboards can display. Please go to this page to see what data your sim supports.

By default the Z1 Dashboard will display the telemetry dashboard as the 4th dashboard in the rotation.

The analysis of the iRacing IBT telemetry files incorporates two screens: the telemetry selection screen, and the telemetry analysis screen. The analysis is not intended to replace a sophisticated system such as the Z1 Analyzer, but rather to provide a quick way to view, in real-time, the basics.

Telemetry Selection Screen: This screen allows you to select any saved telemetry file for the current car and track combination. Once your lap has been selected you can then synchronize iRacing's replay to place your car at the beginning of the appropriate lap by using the buttons on the dashboard interface.

Telemetry Analysis Screen: The analysis screen lets you play a lap in real time, simultaneously viewing the replay and the telemetry. You can skip ahead or back or play the lap in slow motion. All the while the tire temperatures are displayed graphically and numerically, along with tire pressures, the car's ride height, and shock deflection.

A friction circle is also included, showing lateral and longitudinal g-forces. Finally the current gear, speed, RPM, throttle and brake application are displayed.


Telemetry Dashboard 1:
Z1 Dashboard Telemetry Dashboard

Telemetry Dashboard 2:
Z1 Dashboard Telemetry Dashboard 2

iRacing Telemetry Selection:
Z1 Dashboard Telemetry Selection

iRacing Telemetry Analysis:
Z1 Dashboard Telemetry Analysis

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