What's New in Version 2022.2?

With each new version of the Dashboard software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 2022.2 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes please see the release notes page.

Analogue Gauge Support
The Z1 Dashboard can now display analogue gauges that have been created in version 2022.2 of the Z1 Designer.

Z1 Server Updates
The Z1 Server now supports the Z1 Analyzer pre-scan functionality, making it easier than ever to use the Z1 Server as a light weight data logger.

The Z1 Server now supports keyboard input as well as joystick buttons.

The Settings dialog for the Z1 Server has been completely updated to the new look and feel.

Track Map Updates
The way in which track maps are created has been updated. This lets us better know the orientation of the map in the world. We recommend you delete all track maps created with previous versions. These are located in documents/z1dashboard/<sim>/tracks.

You can now rotate a track map when not in the car. This is the preferred way of adjusting the orientation of track maps moving forward. To do so select the 'Track Map' option from the garage menus. Then use the circle to rotate the track map to the desired orientation and click the 'Save' icon.

If you want to delete a track map and recreate it, click the 'Delete' icon in the Track Map garage menu screen.

The track maps for iRacing in the Z1 Dashboard are now created using the Mercator projection method. We will update the old ones over time.

The pit lane creation process in the Z1 Dashboard iRacing track maps has been improved to display the pit lane entrances and exits more accurately.

Data Logging Improvements
Data logging will now track whether or not the lap was a valid lap. This will allow the Analyzer to display information on valid or invalid laps. (Note not all sims support this. Currently only iRacing, ACC & RaceRoom.)

Updated Dialogs
The Internet Data Stream Connection Dialog has been updated to the latest look and feel.

Analogue Gauge Support:
Analogue Gauge Support

Track Map Updates:
Track Map Updates

Z1 Server Settings Updates:
Z1 Server Settings Updates

Z1 Server Updates:
Z1 Server Updates

Updated Dialogs:
Updated Dialogs

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