What's New in Version 2022.3?

With each new version of the Dashboard software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 2022.3 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes please see the release notes page.

Support For Arduino LEDs
The Z1 Dashboard now supports Arduino LEDs. This includes devices like SimCore's DS5. You will need to run the Z1 Arduino LED setup app to load the Arduino sketch on to your Arduino device. You can download this setup app from within the Z1 Dashboard Arduino settings tab. Once you run the setup app and configure your device you will see it available within the Z1 Dashboard Arduino settings tab. The Dashboard will automatically recognize the device and display its settings for you.

F1 22 Supported
EA Codemasters F1-22 sim is now supported by the Z1 Dashboard.

Easy Setup Screen
There is now an easy setup screen that runs the first time you run the Z1 Dashboard to help new users set up the basics. This includes selecting your desired units, and installing any required plugins.

Simplified Fuel Settings
There is now an option on the General setting tab called 'Fuel Units'. This has the options of liters, kilograms, US gallons, UK gallons, or pounds. This is a global setting for how fuel is displayed. You can also customize this on a car-specific basis from the Car settings tab.

Dashboard LED Override
If you have a Z1 supported external device with LEDs you can choose to hide any shift light LEDs on a Z1 Designer created dashboard. This is located in the Shift Light settings tab.

New Driver Name Format Options
There are two new formats for displaying driver names: 'Last Name, First Initial', and 'Last Name Only'. This option is set in the Display settings tab. It is used whenever the driver name is displayed, in places like track maps or standings, etc.

Arduino LED Support:
Arduino LED Support

Easily Configure Arduino LEDs:
Easily Configure Arduino LEDs

EA Codemasters F1 22 Support:
EA Codemasters F1 22 Support

Easy Setup Screen:
Easy Setup Screen

Plugin Installation Help:
Plugin Installation Help

The Z1 Software Suite:
The Z1 Software Suite

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