Z1 Designer: Conditional Colors

The Z1 Designer supports conditional colors, as well as conditional images. A conditional color is one that can change based on the value of a data channel. After you have defined a conditional color you can assign it to an object just like any other color.

You can create a conditional color by selecting Edit->New Conditional Color, or by selected 'Add New' from the conditional color drop down in the Color dialog.

Z1 Designer: Conditional Colors

In the Conditional Color Dialog you give your color a name, specify the data channel it should use and then choose the number of colors it should support. For each supported color you select the color to display, and the range of values for the selected data channel.

You can also choose if you want the Designer to remember your conditional color for use in future projects by clicking the 'Save for future use' checkbox.

Z1 Designer: Color Dialog

To assign your conditional color to an object, select its name from the 'Conditional Colors' drop down in the color dialog.

Download Z1 Designer v2023.3

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