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South of Car
You are standing in the paddock of your favorite track. There is a car to your north and a building to your south. A helmet rests on the ground.

>pick up helmet

You are now holding the helmet.

>put on helmet

You are now wearing the helmet. You feel like a racing driver.

>get in car

The car is locked.


You have a helmet with what you think is a very cool design, sunglasses (circa 1990), a few crumpled strips of paper and a oddly heavy right foot.

>read strips of paper

They are too crumpled to be read.

>uncrumple strips of paper

You very neatly smooth out the crumpled strips of paper.

>read paper

They appear to be several speeding tickets.

>go south

You enter the building. There are several cars parked inside, some race suits hanging on the wall and a table with some helmets and a set of keys.

>pick up keys

You are now holding the keys.

>go north

You are back outside.

>unlock car

The car unlocks with a satifying 'cheep' 'cheep' noise.

>get in car

You get in the car. The seat, the wheel and all three pedals fit you perfectly. It is as if you were meant to be here.

>drive the car

The car is off.

>start the car

The car roars to life with an energetic symphony of pistons rising up and down.

>drive the car

You drive down the pitlane and are greeted by a voice. "Hi I'm Greg and I'll be your Z1 driving instructor today."