Z1 Designer: Layers

Z1 Designer: Layers This window displays all the objects contained on the background and foreground layers. You can use the scroll bar or mouse wheel to move up or down the list if necessary. Objects that never change can be placed in the background layer. Objects that could change should be placed in the foreground layer. To set the background as the active layer, click 'Background' in the layers window. To set the foreground as the active layer, click 'Foreground' in the layers window. The currently active layer will be highlighted and have the word 'active' displayed in its header. All new objects are placed on to the currently active layer (either background or foreground).

If you click on the name of an object in the layers window that object will become selected. This allows you to interact with, move and resize objects that are underneath other objects.

The checkboxes on the right side of the layers window allow you to toggle the display of an object on or off. This is intended to make designing your dashboard easier. You may have objects, such as warnings, that you do not need to see all the time when designing your dashboard. Or you may just want to temporarily hide some objects to make it easier to work with other objects. Note the hidden/visible status of an object has no effect on how it is displayed within the Z1 Dashboard.

You can change the z-order of objects by clicking and dragging their name up or down. Objects can be dragged between the foreground and background.

Warning Objects can contain other objects. To move an object into a Warning object simply click and drag the desired object over the Warning object. Objects can be removed from a Warning object by dragging them out of the Warning object. Warning Objects that contain objects will have a small triangle to their left. Clicking this triangle allows you to view the objects contained within the Warning object.

Download Z1 Designer v2023.3

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